Project love is an exploration of how design methods and practice can create new interactions between people and nature that increase our empathy, tolerance and care to foster greater love in our daily loves.

Project Love is a global design community based in the UK, developing global projects that foster love across communities and society.

Love is...

We believe in creating products that scale while having unlimited amount of fun.


“To befriend another, first befriend yourself.” - Aristotle

e must love ourselves before we love others. From understanding our identity, to the rites of passage, coming out and developing our own self-esteem to present ourselves, love starts with the self.



“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread.” Ursula Le Guin

Most people think of love as this.

Love as the interplay between two people, how they meet, fall in love, sustain relationships and navigate the rituals love: courtship, engagement, marriage, family and falling out of love, divorce and death, all in the context of culture, religion and social norms.

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“We have to learn to be human alongside all sorts of others, the ones whose company we don’t greatly like.” - Rowan Williams

Our desire to connect, or hide from our neighbours, our generosity to, or our rejection of newcomers — these represent the two sides of communities that can be positive forces for love or barriers to integration and harmony.

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Us & Them

We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us." - Jo Cox

Perhaps the most difficult challenge of love is to ask us to love those who are against us, oppose us or threaten us. We must try to detoxify our social conversations and we can explore and experiment with aiding rational debate and understanding those we disagree with.

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“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.” - Rachel Carson

From whale watching to owning a pet, bird watching and walking in a wood, our interactions with nature provide us with a fresh perspective, a chance to restore our souls and reflect on greater things. Our love for animals can enhance our wellbeing and our care for the environment can drive us to individual and political action. In a time of climate crisis, our care for our world in vital to many and provides purpose and meaning.

We are part of nature and our love of our environments and all who live in them is a vital aspect of many lives.

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“Flow down and down into ever widening rings of being.” - Rumi

Exploring the spirituality of all faiths and cultures, we want to understand the power of thought and rituals and how they bring us together to enhance our love for one another.

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Design bridges art and science, society, economics, the environment, technology and ethics, and paints possible futures for us to understand the future consequences of our actions. This opportunity to facilitate a dialogue that will create artefacts, new interactions and rituals that just might help us love one another is the most exciting brief I can think of.

Design Process

To help us start to understand how we could create new artefacts and rituals, we developed this framework for designers to explore.

User Research

We are identifying each aspect as a source for creativity and launch pad for the artefacts, interactions, rituals and experiences that might stimulate love between us.  


Brainstorming is like a party for your mind, where crazy ideas are welcome and serious ones go beyond conventional approaches.


Develop tangible concepts and collect feedback from the communities of love to refine our designs.


Sharable tools, objects, templates, workshops, images, scenarios and stories, films and virtual environments to foster more love.

Selected Project Love Films

What loves means to us...

Clive Grinyer

"Love gives us permission to marvel, interact and be inspired by the people and planet around us."

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Allison Bajet

"To me, love is consistent; love is safe, loyal, and accepting."

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Mark Vernon

“Love is the tension generated between our yearning for more and our perception that, wonderfully, more exists."

Sharanya Ramesh

"Love is an ancient feeling present in every being"

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Rich Larsen

"Love is a specific familiarity, an understanding of nuance. Love is also being a part of something bigger; planting and caring for a tree you’ll never sit under."

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Angus Bamford

"To me, love is those emotional feelings we get from giving and receiving compassion. From a humble smile to a hug or a joke love is always there, it just needs to be felt."

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Judah Armani

"There is beggary in a love that can be reckoned."

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Kam Chana

"Love is generosity and kindness of spirit to yourself and all others."

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"Love is fundamentally a biological drive that connects us, whoever and wherever we are, shaping our culture and fostering our humanity"

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"Love for me is an appreciation of yourself, those around you and your environment. Love fosters in an environment that allows individuals to be themselves. Its a product of awareness and compassion."

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Seran Sukan

"Love is a state of mindfulness; requires 6me, presence and connection."

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Aditi Singh

"Love for me is an authentic, unconditional, sometimes sacrificial way of being kind to fill happiness within all beautiful souls including self"

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"Love is a language that we all speak and constantly need to translate and negotiate."

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"I'm still thinking of what loves means to me."

Francesco Cagnola

"Love is understanding, deep down, that all beings are interconnected"

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"Love is a growth potion! It’s what makes you a better version of yourself, by prioritising the needs and well-being of your loved ones above your own."

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"In its purest form, love leads us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and the infinite ways we are connected to everything that exists. The silent architect that challenges us to bridge the solipsism of our minds into our collective being."

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Tara Mehmet

"Love is energy."

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"I'm still thinking of what love means to me."

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"Love is the universal language that transcends words, cultures, and boundaries. It is expressed through actions, gestures, and feelings that are understood by all hearts, regardless of language or background. Love has the power to unite, heal, and inspire, acting as a bridge between souls. It is the silent conversation between two hearts, where understanding requires no translation."

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"I'm still thinking of what love means to me."

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