Crossing Boundaries

Love your enemy enough to no longer see them as your enemy.
How might we work with young people caught in challenging circumstances and living in conflict (often through gang affiliations) to collaborate with each other through the vehicle of football.
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Crossing Boundaries


Our design project is dedicated to a noble mission: working with youth footballers from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, as well as their passionate fan base, to instill values of love, sports-manship, and personal growth.

In the world of competitive sports, where emotions often run high, we are confronted with the challenge of nurturing an environment where love for the game transcends rivalry. Our aim is to inspire youth footballers to love their opponents, handle victories and de-feats with grace, and ultimately thrive both on and off the field.

We believe that by fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and camaraderie among youth footballers and their dedicated fans, we can create a positive ripple effect in the world of sports.

Bringing design to life

There is beggary in a love that can be reckoned.

Key Insights

Through connecting the tasks of teamwork -receiving a pass and making a pass, we will focus on encouraging and tracking empathy, tolerance and the subsequent positive behaviour. Capturing a meaningful indicator of love in its subtle forms; Core Competencies, Collaboration and Behaviour.


We are building a new approach to collaboration and learning for young people caught in the most challenging circumstances in East London.

Working with Society Links, London Learning Consortium and local Football Clubs we are providing a fresh approach to maths and english through collaboration that unites gangs and provides tangible hope.

Next Steps

We will be capturing the experiences and testimonials of participants and developing workshops and materials to repeat and develop the concept.

Selected work

Love in with us

We believe in making life-long love connections through great design.

"Working with Project Love is...Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
"This project expands the vocabulary of design and takes creativity to new territories that enhance our empathy and compassion for others."
"It has been incredible to see how design has been so simply and subconsciously integrated in how we give and recieve love. What can we design for the next modern century to experience?"
"I’ve thought a lot about love, as no doubt many people have. But working on project love is a revelation because the design element makes all sorts of aspirations and hopes so tangible"


We begin by thoroughly researching the full spectrum of love and it's target audience, as well as goals for the project. This helps us understand what Love means in different dimensions and how we can understand the insights to build new prototypes.


Next, we bring together our team of designers and senior business leaders to brainstorm and generate new ideas of Love based on the insights we found. We take a collaborative approach to ensure that we come up with the innovative and modern approaches to fostering love.


We begin the low-fidelity design process, creating wireframes of conceptual engaging assets that align with your our goals with Fetzer.


Finally, we bring everything together in the deliver phase, building and testing our high-fidelity product to ensure that it meets our target audiences needs and is ready for launch.

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