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Capture, translate and express people’s love ‘story’ and feelings into artefacts they can use, reflect on and share with others.
How can design make love more tangible?
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Story into Objects


Our project centers on the art of capturing, translating, and expressing individuals' love stories and emotions into tangible artefacts. These meaningful creations serve not only as personal keepsakes but also as tools for introspection and sharing with others. Through this endeavor, we aim to breathe life into the beautiful narratives of love and emotions that define our lives.

Bringing design to life

We are interested in exploring the relationship between story and object. How we translate meaning, emotion and memories into artfacts that carry experience, history and personal identity. By investigating forms of love, the technologies of generative AI, and how we then capture, translate and express these stories, we can create a new language of form and meaning. We want to research across anthropology, technology, art and psychology to get a deeper understanding of what love can mean and how we can use it to generate new rituals and artefacts.

We are interested in exploring the creative expression of storytelling and by creating objects from this we change our relationship to ourselves. Being able to hold, feel and share these representations goes beyond pure memory. Once we have these artefacts we are able to work in a therapeutic environment to reflect and accept ourselves, as well as relate and find connection to others in new ways. We see them as a way of archiving cultural memories in objects which can be curated, displayed and saved.

We want to take a platform approach where we are looking at a system that can generate many outcomes, working through a technique to then have many applications. The basic model of capture-translate-express can then be utilisied in different ways, from the poetic: capturing a babies first words, a loved ones dying breath, sharing stories turned into food, or forests grown from words that hold generational memories, to therapuatic experiences that heal.

Final Deisgn: AI Platform

*Coming Soon - August 2024 * Learn how to integrate this with a 3D printer
*Coming Soon - August 2024 * Story to Objects Playbook

To create an AI platform that translates human stories, emotion and behaviour into new forms of AI enabled story telling that deepen connection — A system approach to building a GAI engine that can enable many different scenarios, from healing therapies to love forests.

The interface acts like a mirror enabling tellers to share their stories via a camera and microphone in real time. The individual panels show the process of capturing expressed emotion in words and behaviour. The GAI engine (Generative Artifical Intelligence) translates the tellers story and models a unique AI generated flower object. This story object can be shared digitally or physcially printed.

The basic AI foundation model of Capture-Translate-Express (CTE) can be applied to different use cases, from therapeutic experiences that heal, to the poetic: a babies first words, a loved ones dying breath, eating stories turned into food, or forests grown from words that hold generational memories.

Key Insights


First Prototype

We are thinking about a simple digital process as a proof of idea. Creating a workflow that tests the ability to translate story into outputs and work on the visual language of expression. We intend to take a series of AI models for emotion tracking, monitoring and analysis and connect them to a interface that plugs in generative image models to create and output unique images or 3d models as expression of the story. With the basic workflow connected we can then test with users to explore storytelling, visualisation and object relationships.

Next Steps

As we have been thinking about this idea as a  platform and how this system can then work to capture and create unique artfefacts, we would seek to take the core model and explore variations of use cases across different contexts. For example how to make this system accessible to deaf, blind or differently abled users. The products or services that could be generated exist both in the digital and physical world and allow for potential crossovers, hybrid experiences and social activities and events that foster storytelling, sharing and understanding around what love means to people and how they express the love that matters.

Selected work

Love in with us

We believe in making life-long love connections through great design.

"Working with Project Love is...Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
"This project expands the vocabulary of design and takes creativity to new territories that enhance our empathy and compassion for others."
"It has been incredible to see how design has been so simply and subconsciously integrated in how we give and recieve love. What can we design for the next modern century to experience?"
"I’ve thought a lot about love, as no doubt many people have. But working on project love is a revelation because the design element makes all sorts of aspirations and hopes so tangible"


We begin by thoroughly researching the full spectrum of love and it's target audience, as well as goals for the project. This helps us understand what Love means in different dimensions and how we can understand the insights to build new prototypes.


Next, we bring together our team of designers and senior business leaders to brainstorm and generate new ideas of Love based on the insights we found. We take a collaborative approach to ensure that we come up with the innovative and modern approaches to fostering love.


We begin the low-fidelity design process, creating wireframes of conceptual engaging assets that align with your our goals with Fetzer.


Finally, we bring everything together in the deliver phase, building and testing our high-fidelity product to ensure that it meets our target audiences needs and is ready for launch.

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