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How might we design a set of connected touch surfaces to foster empathy and connection between strangers through the simple, universal act of touch?
Technology-enabled physical experiences create empathic connections between disconnected people.
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Touch Textures


Imagine the isolation of being cut off from your community and the people you love—unable to touch, hug, or kiss a loved one for months. This social isolation leaves you yearning for connection.

Consider the growing distance between people when deprived of physical presence, eroding empathy and deepening the sense of disconnection.

Now, envision the possibility of physically holding hands with a loved one thousands of miles away. Imagine feeling the gentle touch of your newborn child's foot while you're far from home. Or offering a simple high five to a stranger across the globe, discovering the deep connections that unite us beyond our separations.

Bringing design to life

Touch Textures leverages the power of interactive art to create meaningful, emotional bonds between people, fostering empathy through shared experiences, non-verbal communication and the universal language of touch.
As an exhibition and a civic installation, "Touch Textures" encourages engagement, sparks curiosity, and cultivates connections by enabling people to communicate through touch—via shape, pressure, and temperature.

Key Insights

Artists like Roy Ascott have explored telematic art, where viewers in different locations interact with artwork or each other through telecommunications technology. This genre aims to foster communal experiences across large distances.

The ‘Hole in the Space’ (1980) was one of the first projects where physical met digital. Life-size moving images of people at the exact moment on the opposite coast of the USA appeared in the shop windows. Measured by today’s standards, it was a simple installation, making it possible for people on the East and West Coasts to see each other in real-time. However, at the beginning of the Eighties this was a sensation which widened people’s understanding of space and time.

Public art installations often rely on viewers' active participation to achieve their full effect. For example, Candy Chang's "Before I Die" walls transform public spaces into interactive forums where individuals can inscribe their hopes and dreams on vast chalkboards, promoting personal reflection and fostering a sense of communal bond.


A mobile app, leveraging the ability of the touchscreen to detect touchpoints, simulates a heat signature. Analysing the duration and pressure of touch, it employs algorithms to create a simple real-time visual map of each participant, fostering a sense of warmth and closeness by visualising the touch's intensity and location.

This innovative application offers a unique solution for those in long-distance relationships or families living apart, providing a tangible sense of connection through simulated warmth and touch. Additionally, it can serve as an interactive art platform. With a larger screen, participants can jointly create dynamic heat map art, ideal for public spaces like city centres or museums, enhancing communal engagement and artistic collaboration.

Here’s the link and the QR code (below) for the Touch Textures prototype.

Next Steps

  • Investigate the feasibility of facilitating a sponsored art installation that bridges cultural and political divides. The goal is to foster understanding and connection through shared expression.
  • Install two large, interconnected screens in bustling venues, such as museums or public centres, to maximise engagement and visibility.
  • Monitor and survey participants' reactions and emotions, providing valuable insights into the installation's impact on bridging divides and promoting empathy.
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    Finally, we bring everything together in the deliver phase, building and testing our high-fidelity product to ensure that it meets our target audiences needs and is ready for launch.

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