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How do we catalyse kindness and love by practising the ritual of giving and receiving compliments?
How do we catalyse kindness and love by practising the ritual of giving and receiving compliments?
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Love To Future


People operate from a bucket full of love for which it’s essesntial to learn the art of receiving love. Starting from compliments as small acts of love (but not limited to) can kick off multiple cycles of virtuousness and motivate people to enact bigger acts of love. Love to Future is a self-reflection tool that uses the techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) to target the barriers to receiving love, helps break out of the set narratives & notions of self prompting you to restructure your belief system, express gratitude for the little moments of love in life and most importantly reminds you how loved you’re in turn keeping your bucket of love overflowing! It also helps strengthen your relationships with your loved ones.

Bringing design to life

We developed a theory of change that we built our approach on: If we learn how to give compliments, the art of receiving them, then these small acts of love will kick off multiple cycles of virtuousness and motivate people to enact bigger acts of love.

Final Prototype: App

*Coming Soon - August 2024 * Love to the Future App
*Coming Soon - August 2024 * Love to the Future Playbook

Key Insights

Insights: Giving Compliments

01: A compliment that is meaningful to the giver may not be so for a receiver, and this imbalance in priorities can counteract the positive sentiment with which the interaction is initiated.

02: Givers underestimate the impact of their praise, yet a compliment is often highly valued by the reciever.

03: The perfect compliment does not exist, but the pursuit of this can lead to delays in the delivery, a heighted fear of rejection, and ultimately, an opportunity lost.‍

Insights: Receiving Compliments

01: Receivers tend to block & deflect compliments when they feel underconfident and undeserving. Still the feelings of being 'valuable and loved' always take the top spot.

02: Sometimes receivers tend to forget and don't appreciate the gestures of love. They also do not realise that compliments is more about the giver.

03: Often the receiver's expectations do not match with the givers 100% because their idea of love is different.


KIND AI: Kind AI is a Kindness Monitor that reinforces positive behaviours on the internet. It is an API or plug-in for people who want to integrate more kindness in their online interactions. The users can download and link to their social media and email apps to track their written content (emails, texts, posts, comments) with suggestions and rewards that promote positive and kind language. Kind Ai also provides users an insight into the impact of their actions.


SPREAD LOVE: Compliment Cards are for people who want to make this world a kinder place but struggle with knowing how. Compliment Cards are prewritten compliments that people can give to their friends, family, work peers or strangers to spread love!


SELF LOVE: Love Directory is for people who want to make this world a kinder place, but in the process forget that they are also valued. Acting as a digital journal, it helps people to capture and log pictures and memories of an artefact or deed that made them feel loved by others offering users the option to post-date a memory for the future. As it is said one can only pour from their own filled bucket.


We plan to take a hypothesis-led approach to prototyping and user testing. Based on the ideas we plan to move ahead with prototyping and testing them in the real world, starting with paper prototypes and then moving on to building physical and digital mockups for each concept.

Selected work

Love in with us

We believe in making life-long love connections through great design.

"Working with Project Love is...Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
"This project expands the vocabulary of design and takes creativity to new territories that enhance our empathy and compassion for others."
"It has been incredible to see how design has been so simply and subconsciously integrated in how we give and recieve love. What can we design for the next modern century to experience?"
"I’ve thought a lot about love, as no doubt many people have. But working on project love is a revelation because the design element makes all sorts of aspirations and hopes so tangible"


We begin by thoroughly researching the full spectrum of love and it's target audience, as well as goals for the project. This helps us understand what Love means in different dimensions and how we can understand the insights to build new prototypes.


Next, we bring together our team of designers and senior business leaders to brainstorm and generate new ideas of Love based on the insights we found. We take a collaborative approach to ensure that we come up with the innovative and modern approaches to fostering love.


We begin the low-fidelity design process, creating wireframes of conceptual engaging assets that align with your our goals with Fetzer.


Finally, we bring everything together in the deliver phase, building and testing our high-fidelity product to ensure that it meets our target audiences needs and is ready for launch.

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